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Photos of the TEHO Woodburning Sauna Stove

This sauna stove is well built with a heavy duty steel firebox (3/16" walls and 1/2" ash grate) and a steel fire jacket (1/16"). The fuel door features a collar around it which allows the stove to be fueled from the outside, thus preventing any interior problems from dust and smoke. The stove is Canadian made.

Specs: Length 22", Width 18", Height 30", Weight 210 pounds, Flue 6".

Photo of TEHO stove

Photo of TEHO outside feed

Photo of TEHO outside feedDraft control is obtained by sliding the ash pan in or out.

Five year warranty on the stove.

Further specs: Burn chamber: 10 gauge (heavier than 1/8" steel); Ash grate: 1/2" T 1 steel (heat treated); Exterior Finish: flat black high heat paint.

Photo of TEHO stove

Photo of TEHO stove

Photo of TEHO stove Because of the unique heat exchange tubes and front/side heat vents, you get more heat in your sauna and less out the chimney. This means energy savings and less wood handling.

Optional stainless steel water tank (with tap) attaches to side or end.

Rocks, which are piled around the top of the heat tubes, heat fast and evenly, while vents heat up the room at the same time.

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