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Log Home Accessories

Railing and spindles, pre-drilled sections $18.50/lnft.
Log and Timber staircase - Call for Information

ALSO AVAILABLE (Call for Prices)
Hewn window and door trim to match siding in a variety of sizes.
Heavy log corner posts, hewn and shaped to match log siding.
Butt and Pass corners for quarter log siding.

Photos of a cedar
timber project.

5/4x6x8' cedar deck, radius edge S4S $ 10.00 each
5/4x5x8' cedar deck, radius edge S4S $ 8.40 each
2x6x8' cedar deck, square or T&G S4S 12.80 each
2x4x8' cedar S4S 8.53 each
4x4x8' cedar S4S 18.60 each
cedar porch and deck posts 5-6" tops, hewn 6.50/lnft.
cedar rails, 3" hewn 2.06/lnft.
cedar spindle stock 2", hewn 1.56/lnft.
cedar pre-cut spindles 5.50 ea.
log rafter stock, pine, spruce, S1S, hewn, 4" top 4.00/lnft.
photo collage of lumber in use

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