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Pre-cut Cedar Sauna Packages

Now you have an inexpensive alternative to bulky free- standing sauna kits.

Our pre-cut cedar sauna liner packages allow you the flexibility to design your new sauna to fit your plan whether it is for new or existing construction. No more "one size fits all".

If you have special space requirements, we will adapt our package to fit. You or your carpenter need only supply the studs and insulation to the size you need. We will prepare at our mill a precut liner package that supplies you with everything you need to complete your sauna. Or, for those who have some sauna supplies already, we are happy to put together a parts package as well.

We utilize beautiful Northern white cedar. Known for its stability and durability, white cedar is light in color and, unlike its cousin Western Red Cedar, will not darken over time. Nor will it bleed resin like pine or spruce.

Our precut cedar saunas provide the complete interior needed to turn your space into a working sauna. Each kit includes:
- Insulfoil for walls and ceiling (vapor barrier and heat reflection)
- Hand selected precut tight tongue and groove white cedar for walls and ceiling
- precut benches, typically 20" upper bench and 12" lower bench
- 24"x78" solid cedar door with jamb trim and wood handles and hardware
- 1x3x30" cedar duckboards (grates) for walking area of floor
- sealed electric sauna light
- hardware package, all galvanized nails, screws, etc.
- all instructions required for assembly

Heaters: Although many people wish to supply their own heater, you may wish to add our Saunamatic electric heater to your package. These are sized to fit the room and come with a thermostat, one hour timer and rocks.

Our sauna packages may be easily assembled by you or your carpenter over a weekend using simple-to-follow directions. Stains and sealers should not be used with your sauna.

color photo of sauna exterior

Collage of sauna items


Room Size PRICE Add Heater
5 x 6 x 7 $1306.005 kw. / $589.00
5 x 7 x 7 $1380.006 kw. / $645.00
5 x 8 x 7 $1475.006 kw. / $645.00
6 x 6 x 7 $1380.006 kw. / $645.00
6 x 7 x 7 $1385.007.5 kw. / $735.00
7 x 7 x 7 $1525.007.5 kw. / $735.00
6 x 8 x 7 $1525.007.5 kw. / $735.00
7 x 8 x 7 $1645.009 kw. / $785.00
8 x 8 x 7 $1755.009 kw. / $785.00
Additional Items
Bucket + ladle$60.00
Back rest$40.00
Sauna light$32.00
Window in door (up to 12x12)$125.00
Additional benches

Furring strips for between foil at TG (to allow for dead air space and will ensure there will never be any moisture problems)

» State sales tax must be added where applicable.

» We will be happy to quote any specific size.

» We accept Mastercard and VISA.

» Shipping is by common freight; the electric heater shipped by UPS. There is an additional charge for shipping.

» Prices subject to change without notice./


» We do recommend a licensed electrician to wire in the heater, thermostat and timer. Technical assistance is ALWAYS available.

» We can also supply you with cedar to finish the outside of your sauna whether it is in the house or a separate structure outside. Please inquire.

Interior photos of a cedar sauna liner package.
Two Lake Tahoe saunas.
A custom designed cedar sauna liner package.
Our TEHO woodburning sauna stove.
A sauna project in Northern Michigan.

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