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Sauna Project in Northern Michigan

A customer in Northern Michigan asked us to supply him with an outdoor sauna. Not only did he want the liner package, but also the complete building exterior.

The final plan was for a 6x6 sauna, with the Saunamatic electric heater. Construction began on a trailer, so the finished sauna could be hauled to his property. Basic floor construction consisted of two 6x7 skids with 4x4 joists on top. This layout was chosen so the sauna could be moved at any future date, by simply dragging it. It was framed with 2x4 studs, 2x4 rafters with ceiling joists dropped at 7'. Then it was covered with Tyvek and insulated with fiberglass, which made it ready for the liner kit to be installed. The exterior was Northern White Cedar tongue and groove, with Northern White Cedar shingles in the gables and roof.

The finished sauna in place.Photo of finished sauna

Two 6x7 skids with 4x4 joists on top.Photo of skids

Framed sauna shell on the trailer.Photo of shell

Arriving at the customer's home.Sauna on trailer

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